ID Capital is a consulting firm that empowers youth-centered organizations to facilitate the complexities of shaping and reframing the crazy hard work of equity.

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In our 35+ years of combined experience in education and nonprofit sectors, we've seen plenty of organizations that have failed to thrive over the long haul. We've also encountered countless leaders who have never considered their leadership legacy. We have come to recognize that these problems are related-and we want to help organizations solve them both.

That's one reason why we developed the Social Capital Quotient (SCQ) framework. This framework emphasizes the use of social capital in building relationships that promote a positive leadership legacy and foster organizational longevity. The SCQ suggests that if individuals in organizations lead with the recognition of value as the primary driver of success, and if the organization develops an ecosystem in which individuals help one another improve, then the organization can retain leaders, develop inclusive systems, and thrive at optimal levels.

The SCQ framework consists of four key elements. The focus of this book is element 1: retention. We believe the retention of quality personnel in an organization is a byproduct of the value placed on such personnel. Starting with this element of the SCQ framework will set you and your organization up for long-term positive impact.

If you're ready to build a positive lasting legacy and to ensure the longevity of your organization, the SCQ framework is for you!

35+ Years Experience

About The Authors .

Augustine "Augie" Emuwa is an educator & entrepreneur dedicated to creating social impact through equity driven innovation and service .  The Chicago native spent nine years in school leadership (and almost 20 years as an educator) where the experience of leading in underserved communities sparked his passion for writing, storytelling and public narrative.  Currently, he serves as lead consultant at Identity Capital Consulting where he directly supports legacy improvement and brand positioning for schools, companies and nonprofit organizations.  

Justine Gonzalez is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who supports K12 school districts through her consulting firm, EducatorAide. She writes a monthly column for The Indianapolis Recorder, mainly focused culture, leadership, and DEI. She has also been a guest on multiple podcasts. Justine has served as a teacher, instructional coach, and K12 school and district-level administrator in both Chicago and Indianapolis.

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